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                                          1755 Country Club Road, Indianapolis, IN 46234

                                                             Tel: (317) 271 9955

                                                             Fax: (317) 487 6364

" My goal is to provide a responsible and cost efficient service to the owners of Europe's finest vehicles. Repairs should be timely and thorough, done with pride and passion, absolute attention to detail."  Brian Stewart

A 2 litre engine built for a 1976 Lancia Scorpion converted into a vintage racer. A custom rollcage was installed as well as mods to the suspension and fuel cell added in the front. After being stripped of all unnecessary trim/parts, the car was very light and provides the owner cheap and reliable fun with about 110bhp at the wheels. Whether similar to this or a full body off restoration of a classic Ferrari, give us a call.

Whether you have a red, yellow or white Ferrari, call or e-mail Brian @ 317 271 9955 or eurocardoc@aol.com, for the best service in Indianapolis.


Not quite yet, but at 65+ my goal is to fill gaps to continue expert service to all customers present and future. Until then, scheduling will be tighter and more selective. To say I am 'purging' my customer list to allow me to best serve my most loyal friends-customers may be true at this time.

Again, several options for continuation and expansion are around, more on those later........