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Special cars and people:

The late Tony Brise, here in 1973 at a race in Brands Hatch, a good friend and great driver. Very successful in Formula 3 during '72 and '73 seasons. Cars used were Brabham, GRD and March chassis with Holbay/Ford engine power. Tony made it into Formula One but sadly was killed when Graham Hill's plane crashed in fog back in 1975. The following year, the talented Welsh driver Tom Pryce was killed during the South African GP, I had worked with Tom in Formula 2, having a successful debut with a Chevron/BMW at the Salzsburgring in 1974. That was a tough era and accidents took many promising drivers before they would really shine. 

Over the years, we at Autocar have built, developed and supported cars to run in many classes. Whether mechanical, body or paintwork, our focus has been on quality at a reasonable cost.

Brian Stewart shown here at Indianapolis Motor Speedway installing the 'Pop-Off' valve before a run in 1984. Michael Andretti won co-rookie of the year, qualified 4th and finished 5th, as well as winning the Pit Stop competition. The team managed to provide a car with which Michael managed several podium finishes through the season. Although based in California, during the summer months a shop was set up in Indianapolis area and that's why I'm here!

A total refurbish of a classic 1972 Series 3 Land Rover, built onto a new frame. A one owner vehicle and an interesting change from the other vehicles restored in the shop.  
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The other end of the spectrum and an Aston Martin Vanquish and Lamborghini Diablo VT await service.  Pictured below, an early Ferrari coupe, believed to have been the 1954 Geneva show car, now restored to it's original beauty in two tone green and doing the show circuit.

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Nice replica vehicles can be created and maybe even a 'restomod' as they now seem to be popularly referred to. This 1953 356 is enjoying a new lease on life with a modern electric system and more powerful engine. Disc brakes were added to improve things along with a modern tire package the car handles wonderfully.