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Leonardo, Auto Enginuity and PIWIS factory level scanners are on hand for various Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and shortly Aston.

Brian has received training in both the UK and USA on Porsche, and  Lotus Cars NA..  Autocar Sports is a Bosch Parts Center.

Using both 'old school' and modern diagnostic tooling, vehicles are serviced, modified and maintained to a high standard as befits the finest cars from Italy and Germany. (OK, England too!).

You, the owner of a specialist European vehicle understand more than most that these are often highly developed machines, more akin to a race car than the typical vehicle seen around Indy.
So we do not do any 'oil changes', our OIL SERVICE includes much much more than changing the oil and filter. Every car gets a front to back inspection, all fluids are checked, all systems are checked as well as an electronic scan which often will show clutch life and treatment.
The next level would be our Annual Fluids Service, all of the above but ALL fluids are replaced, engine oil, transmission oil, coolant and brake fluids. Many Ferrari dealerships suggest this type of preventive maintenance.
Then would come any manufacturer Scheduled maintenance, maybe timing belts, even the camshaft timing variators, or even the IMS bearing found in the 996 model engines.
Autocar has clients available as references to their work. Whether for that long desired Ferrari, or a Club Race Porsche, all receive our quality attention to detail as well as OEM level parts. Telephone 317.271.9955

Diagnostic scanners are a must have in current automotive repair facilities. For Porsche the Durametric works very well and recently a PIWIS2 system for later models has been acquired. A VAG.com unit will work on late model Lamborghini/Bentley in addition to VW/Audi vehicles.  We have now added the factory level Leonardo Diagnostico for all model Ferrari/Lamborghini/Maserti. Coverage for other high line European marques, including Aston should be added soon to this unit.        

All parts used are of OEM quality or better if available, Autocar Sports is a Bosch Parts Center as well as distributors for B&B exhaust, Tubi mufflers, Fabspeed products, Magnecore plugwires, Goodridge hose and fittings. We stock Pertronix ignition systems to improve older Ferrari and British vehicles. We can obtain parts from your preferred supplier to modify and enhance your vehicle by request. So, whatever it might be, just ask what we can do for your car of interest..........

Don't be afraid to ask what we can do.....

Special or replica parts for most vehicles can be fabricated. Shown here a 1955 Formula 2 Cooper front end. The stub axles are being replaced after the old ones failed crack testing inspection. The lower A-arms were redesigned and fabricated to facilitate adjustments to the wheel alignment. We can also powder coat parts to enhance the appearance of your engine/suspension.
With the racers background, we obviously have a penchant toward suspension upgrades and maximising the settings to suit the vehicles usage.

A V8 Lotus Esprit engine needed a valve job after the cam drive failed. It was rebuilt in-house.
We love to talk cars, whether Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus or Porsche, for road or race, call 271 9955.