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                          Call Brian or Dan at (317) 271 9955, or e-mail to eurocardoc@aol.com

Conveniently located to the west of Indianapolis, Indiana, this small but efficient business was created by Brian Stewart 20 years ago to provide a different approach to the servicing and repair of highline European cars.

Brian spent many years as a respected racing mechanic, covered it from A to Z! Famous names to drive cars under his watchful eye included World Champions, John Surtees and Alan Jones, Indycar Champions, Michael Andretti and Bobby Rahal along with many others.
From early times in club racing Formula Ford, through Formula 3, Atlantic, Formula 2 to Formula One.
Visiting circuits from Aintree to Zolder, with sportscars, sedans or open wheelers.
Once arrived and settled into the Indianapolis area and having stopped the travel with motorsports, Brian began working on local owner's Porsche and Ferrari cars. But frustrated with the more established automotive repair ethic, Brian set up Autocar Sports and Classics to put a more European approach to the work AND billing!

A small but compact shop and staff to be more approachable and efficient for our clientele. Whether a rare classic as shown here, or a late model Aston Martin, we discretely carry out your wishes to properly service and maintain those vehicles.

Kent Raby is still available part time to address any paint and body problems.

In the area? Swing by for a chat, see what exotic or not vehicles are currently hiding here....

Since starting Autocar, Brian has worked with the local chapters of various marque/owners clubs, by giving technical seminars, driver's event support, as well as supplying parts and service at discount pricing and running varied special offers.
In the past, we used to simply do ‘oil changes’ on vehicles (remove oil, change oil filter, add new oil), but we were finding that cars weren’t getting the other basic services that they really needed to be safe and reliable. So over the past few years, we have been evolving our service inspections to be more thorough so that we can give our customers a better picture of the overall condition of their vehicle. We call it our ‘Oil Service’.

This involves having a high-level automotive technician actually test drive the vehicle, then check all exterior lighting, vacuum organic debris from the wiper cowl, and if applicable, the trunk seal– this will often minimize risk of water leaks into the passenger compartment at the front and rear of the vehicle. Our technicians then visually inspect the engine bay, keeping an eye out for things like fluid leaks, fluid levels and condition, as well as other things like failing hoses or belts. It’s amazing how many things are caught in advance of a part failure or a total vehicle breakdown! We go on to inspect the brakes, including removing the wheels, if necessary, to get a proper inspection. We also measure the water content of brake fluid, which is important for the safety and longevity of the brake hydraulic system. We do an inspection of the under-chassis, inspecting things like the steering, suspension, exhaust system and drivetrain components. We evaluate the condition and adjust the air pressure of all FIVE tires! Very few facilities will bother to check the spare, but we think it’s worth doing– so many cars on the road have flat spares, which obviously wouldn’t be of much help in the event of a flat tire. We also load-test the battery, and inspect the battery cables and terminal clamps, to minimize the risk of the engine not starting. And we do all of this before we even get to the actual oil change!

For the oil change, we use an OEM oil filter, and our standard oil choice is LiquiMoly 5W40 SN fully synthetic, which is of much higher quality than what most oil change franchises use. For cars that require it, or customers that prefer it, we of course provide the option of many different fully-synthetic motor oils, as well.

We admittedly charge a bit more for this service than we used to for simply changing the oil, but we think we provide a great value for the owner and their car!

No job too big or too small, call and ask about special parts or service work. Some recent things, 1961 Jensen 541S engine and transmission overhaul, Birkin 7 engine management upgrades, front brake duct fabrication for a 2009 M3
Of course it includes as well as those more common 348/355 major services, the important 360/430 Annual fluid services hear more by calling (317) 271 9955