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In 2013 we completed a rebuild of this one owner 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto. Rusted panels were replaced, reupholstered, repainted in OE colour. Many parts replaced were sourced out of Europe for quality reasons. Some parts were very tough to find, but the car came out absolutely delightful!

This beautiful 2002 Tii clone had sat for several years. It came in and was cleaned and refurbished to run again. What fun cars those were!

Several older Maseratis have been through for various upgrades or indeed retrofit of parts such as refitting the OE Lucas fuel injection on a Mistrale. These straight sixes were a fun engine design.

An abandoned project, 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. We at Autocar Sports, took up the mantle and installed the body parts, new interior, aftermarket stereo and A/C systems to produce a fun street cruiser, taking the owner back to his earlier youth ownership of a similar car.

Even older Indycars need some loving and upgradeing. This 1967 Gerhardt chassis was rebuilt and prepared to run at vintage track events. With it's Chevy 355 and open exhausts, it always drew a crowd!